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Monday, January 26, 2009

Colby's Semester Ribbon Ceremony!

Little Gym Graduation!

Saturday Nathan and Jake celebrated 3 years of friendship! We me the Doones at the Little Gym on the very 1st week of the gym opening. The boys were just little guys, Nathan barely sitting up on his own and Jake just learning to crawl!  They have been the best of friends since! 
Saturday was the boys very last mom and tot class! They graduated from Super Beasts to Funny Bugs! We are really all going to miss doing the class together! But the boys are happy with the new freedom! :)
Warm ups:

Practicing our forward rolls:

High fives best friend:

Monkey jumps, hands down jump around:

Coach Kathy
Air Track:

Best Buddies:
Forward rolls on the beam:

Colby just hanging around:
Best buddies on the bars:


Learning our sign of the week:

Semester completion ribbons: 
Nate and Jake got the first ones. They are the 1st 2 to complete the whole mom and tot program and graduate to Funny Bugs! (Nathan will always hold the title for the youngest Bird :0 There was no bugs class when they 1st opened)

"Stage" pics:

Coach Michele: