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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We are in trouble now!

He did this a few more times after I caught the video...he is getting up quicker and lasting longer each time. The 1st time he stood up this morning he clapped for himself and said "I did it"! Too cute!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another tooth!

Bottom left! Yay! Brings the new count to 6 on the top and 3 on the bottom! :) 

11 months Early B-day Pics

Wanted to get some pics to hang up at his upcoming party :) I will be going back to do his birthday cake pics :) 

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our Last Time .....

at the old Yankee Stadium :( I can't believe that we will never be stepping foot in the stadium again. I have so many good memories from there. We used to go with my grandfather every year! I am just happy that I was able to bring both boys! Neither of them may not have any memories from there...but we do have pictures! 

The boys and their Yankee shoes :)
Nate's last hot dog at the stadium ( which was eaten after a slice of pizza, and followed by the whole roll and chocolate ice cream in a helmet!)

Colby enjoying every last bite of pizza.

Our battery died after this picture :( No family picture at our last game :( 
Nate said goodbye to the stadium on the way out :) He kept asking what was happening to the stadium and that he would miss it. When we got outside he pointed to the new stadium and said "See you next year!" 

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

1st Dance Class Videos

These aren't the best...they are through the window and all the moms and siblings are talking but they are cute :) Can't wait for this week! :)

1st Molar!!

Colby is cutting his top left molar! Yay! He has been so good I would have never known if it wasn't for the fact that he loves to be upside down ! 

Monday, September 15, 2008

Saturday September 13th--1st dance class

Saturday was Nate's 1st dance class...he has been asking to take lessons for a long time now. We got him black ballet and black tap shoes complete with camo laces :) 

He was so excited ! Here he is leaving the house with his "dance clothes" we bought Friday night and his dance shoe backpack :)

He WOULD NOT go in during ballet time. He flipped out crying and holding on to us. He wanted to go home. Said he didn't want to dance.  There was a little girl there, Madison, that we knew from Little Gym a few months back. I thought that would help him go in..but no such luck! We could not even bribe him with donuts! 
But as soon as it came time for tap he was the first one in there with the biggest smiles! 
The pictures are through the 2 way glass...they came out crappy but you can see him!
They were called up 3 at a time to dance...he waited so nicely!

He got up and did his little dance ! Too cute! 

He is soo excited to go back next week. He said he would wear his tap shoes and watch during the ballet time. So we will see! Thank goodness he does tap for the recital :) 

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sesame Place with Ryan!

Sunday we went to Sesame Place with Ryan, Lauren and Pat. Nathan was so excited that he couldn't even nap on the way there! :) 
First ride Super Grover Coaster with Pat!
Then a spin on the merry go round.

Then we must pause for what happened next....I asked Nate (who was sitting in the stroller) if he wanted to go on Ernie's Bounce house..he said yes...turned to ask Ryan if he wanted to go...and went to get Nate out of the stroller and he was gone!!! We all started to look for him (Lauren stayed with the boys and the strollers) after going around the whole area at least 4 times and what seemed like hours (really only minutes) I alerted security...and at the same time Nathan was spotted. He had been trying to get on the bounce house the whole time. Not sure how we didn't see him....but he was there like nothing happened. He was fine until John and I started to holler at him ...he was strapped into the stroller the rest of the day unless he was holding someone's hand! THANKS for the heart attack Nate!!!

After regripping we headed over for some pictures with Big Bird and Elmo!

And against my best judgement we let Nate on Ernie's Bouncy Bed. ( I gave in because I truly believe that he didn't "run away" he just thought when I asked him if he wanted to go that was permission to go).
He had a blast bouncing around. 

Then it was off for a flight in the hot air balloons.. Colby LOVED this!

Time to Blast off with Elmo. Nate and John rode 2x in a row. Got to love the Platinum Passport :)

It was getting really hot in the the boys headed off into the water park area. (Colby had fallen I stayed with him and played photographer )

Ryan, Lauren and Pat headed out after the water park. We hung around a little while longer, played some games and took one last spin on the merry go round.
Nate was almost asleep in the stroller when he spotted Zoe!

After the pics he climbed in and slept until 130 this am! He slept through being transfered into the car, then bed and even getting into his pjs. He was one tired little boy....after a little battle with Daddy he was asleep again for the night at 3 and was up and in the shower by 645! 

Thanks again for coming with us Lauren, Pat, and Ryan we had a blast!