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Sunday, May 31, 2009


we picked our first veggies from the garden today! 12 beans! Can't wait to eat them!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

D.C./ Nationals Family Day

Today we started off our morning with a short drive to D.C. There was some sort of motorcycle rally going on. So there were a ton of people walking around.
We tried to get into the Monument. But all the walk up tickets were already gone for the day. Nathan was upset, but we promised him another trip back!

After an hour or so of walking around and melting in the heat, we decided to get on the train and head to the game. They were handing out jerseys and Nate really wanted to get one!

We had a great game (except for Colby crying everytime they shot off fireworks for a home run! And there were quite a few of them today. At 1 point he was sitting between John and another man. They hit a home run and Colby grabbed on to the man next to him! LOL)
After the game they had kids run the bases! Nate was a little nervous but they both did great!

This is the end of the trip! We had a blast!