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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Family Xmas Pics

We took the boys to Kiddie Kandids for holiday pictures on Sunday. I was worried about Nate...he has been doing these really strange smiles lately. But the both did great! I am really happy with the way they all turned out! 

Santa Claus is coming ....

We took the boys to Short Hills Mall for Santa pics this year. They have a really cute Polar Express display. A few snow globes. You board the train (the kids can pull the brakes, pull the whistle, turn wheels etc) and then walk inside a HUGE 28 foot snow globe. They have fake snow (which by the way is a huge PITA to clean off of you right before having your picture taken) But they loved it! 

I was a little worried how Colby would be with Santa. He freaked when we saw him this summer at the Land of Make Believe. But he was waving to him the whole time he could see him while we were online. And when we got up there he smiled and "talked" to him! 


Thanksgiving Pics to come! 

In Nathan News...

Nathan is loving "Toe Tapping T Class" He looks forward to it every Saturday! He gets up and gets so excited to get his dance clothes on! Last week he took Mrs Gloria's hand and went right in and started tapping. (We went to Jon's Fire Academy graduation last week at PCTI where the recital is held...he was so excited to see the "Big Stage" that he will be dancing on..he keeps talking about it non stop!) Save the date June 5th or 6th is the big day! 

On Thanksgiving he rode his Diego bike to Quick Chek to get the newspapers with John. He thought it was the coolest thing! He can't wait for Dunkin Donuts to open in Butler so he can ride there! He keeps asking if he can go thru the drive thru. LOL.

Colby Update...

Colby is officially walking 99% of the time! Yay! He waited till his 13 month birthday and just really took off! He looks so cute! He does really well! He has mastered turns and walking backwards already! 

Colby is saying sooo much! He repeats almost anything you ask him to! He says and signs both please and thank you. Says almost every one's name but his own! He refuses to say Colby ! Don't know why he sure hears it enough!

He LOVES to climb on everything. He gets on the couch just to give you a kiss. 

He has decided that he is a big boy now. He sits at the kids table for most meals. He also has joined all the kids for work time! He loves to color and draw! 

Last Sunday I decided to wean him. I was told by the doctor to wait 6 weeks and reintroduce milk. Which I did..but he refuses to drink it. But he drinks and eats so much dairy, yogurt and cheese that I am not worried. Monday night he was a mess! He cried for 2 hours and then only slept for 2 hours before starting the whole process over again. I thought I was doomed.  But Monday he did great at nap time..and that night he only fussed for a few minutes. And that was that! He is like Nate...he likes to have not one but 2 cups of water with him at bed time. He will not go to sleep until he has 2 cups! But hey he is sleeping 9+ hours every night in his crib so who am I to argue! 

His new favorite thing is juice. I am not sure where he even learned the word..but he knows it well! Nathan doesn't like juice and most of the kids at the day care don't even care for it...but non the less he LOVES it! And will ask for it often! And he likes all kinds of juice. I think its because he LOVES his fruit so much! 

We took him Saturday to get another hair cut. He looks so cute. We had the back and side shaved! He was soo good! He did fuss for a few seconds at one part but that was it! 

My baby is getting so big :( 

Disney Pics

I have been working on the Disney Pics for a few days now...finally uploaded them all the shutterfly only to find out that you can only share 1000 pics and we have over 2000 with just ours and moms. So now I am in the process of narrowing them all down. I will post a link here once I am all done! :)