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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Nathan!!!!!

I can't believe Nate is 3 today. Were did the time go? We have lots of fun things planned for the day! #3 donuts with his friends. Then off to celebrate his birthday at the Jackals game! Pics to follow!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Disney Block Party

Yesterday we took the boys to Nate's birthday surprise. THe Disney Music Block Party! They had a blast!!

Ralph's World

Colby trying to get closer to the action!
Look how sweet. 

John and Nathan are at the bottom right. Nate was so excited to give Ralph a high five!

Imagination Movers! I think Nate was most excited to see them! They had 2 big projection screens. Nate was on them quite a few times! He got to high five everyone in the group except Smitty. Smitty plays guitar and was plugged in the whole time. He was so upset. 

Colby could only take so much fun! 
They Might be Giants!

Just as we were about to leave we spotted The Imagination Movers signing autographs. We got on the line just in time. They cut if off 5 people behind us! Nate was so thrilled. And he got his high five from Smitty and a pick too! Nate was beyond excited!!!

We had a great day!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nay Nay

Colby has been talking up a storm. 
He looks at the monitor in my room and says "Nay Nay" I have to put it on so he can see him! LOL.

Pool time pictures

Pool Time

We went to Angela's Aunt's house Saturday. This was the first time that Nate was in a big pool for more than 10 mins in over a year.  He was a little scared at first. But then he was off and swimming on his own .

Monday, August 18, 2008

Nate's 3 Yr Picture

Is this kid cute or what ! LOL! He is getting so big! As you can see from the picture his new love is Scooby. 

Best Buddies!

Angela took Nate for his 3 year old picture. (she was also bringing Livi for her 2 yr shot) And she took one of the boys. You can just tell from the picture how much the like eat other! They really are best buddies! I really hope that their friendship (and ours with Jim and Angela) never ends! 
Sharing some Oreos during the garage sale :)

Happy 6th Birthday Andrew!

Nathan and Colby went bowling for the 1st time. Nate had a great time (though he was a little too interested in the video games LOL) He did really good for his 1st time. And John can't wait to take him again. (John didn't get to come...he was manning the garage sale).

Colby gets some help from Cami and Livi..

Nathan's 1st ball down the alley!