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Monday, February 9, 2009

Elmo's Birthday Bash (Feb 7th)

Saturday after dance class we went to Sesame Place with Sami and Nate. They had a special lunch for Elmo's Birthday just for passholders. 

The kids had a blast (once some of them got over their fear of the characters :)

Feb 5th Boo Boo Lip

Here are some pics of what his lip looks like today :( Its pretty gross looking!

Batman Colby

Colby was trying to ride in Nate's little batman play car...when that didn't work out he jumped into Handy Manny's truck! 

Look how happy he was! Guess we need to find him a batmobile! (These were before the lip accident)

Thurs Feb 5th

I guess Colby's ear infection was bothering him more than we thought. He was walking a little off the last 2 days. And was falling a lot! Well, he was walking over to the couch while holding his little jukebox that came with his 50s diner. And he fell and well I am not sure what exactly happened next. But the next thing I do know he was screaming and it was his hurt cry. I ran to him and blood was pouring from his mouth. Brought him upstairs to get him some ice. When John and I opened his mouth he had a pretty bad (deep and long) cut on the inside of his lip that was is the shape of a Y. We called the Peds. They said if it was long enough or deep enough he would need a stitch. Neither of us was sure if it warrented a stitch, but thought better safe than sorry. So off to the Ped John and Colby went. 
Turned out he didn't need a stitch. It was REALLY nasty looking. Wish I took a pic of it when it happened!

Wed Feb 4th

Colby had his 15 month check up today. He is now 31 3/4 inches long and weighs 21.7 pounds! While getting his check up Dr Cucolo found that his right ear was infected. ( That explains why he was up cring the last few nights) He was fine other than the waking up. I would have never known if we didn't bring him in! So it is his 1st ear infection and 1st round of antibiotics. 

Feb 1st- Superbowl Sunday!

The boys had a blast watching the 3d commercials. That is about all they watched of the superbowl, well until the very end with all the cheering! LOL.

They were so cute watching some movies together.

In honor of Aunt Shell and Uncle Fun (who ALWAYS leaves a cup or 2 around our house)...Colby turned himself into the Starbuck's King!

Jan 30th - Our new "friend"

We have had 2 squirrel "friends" for a while now. They come up to the sliding doors and look at the kids. The kids all run to say hello to them whenever they see them on the deck. Well today we got a visit from a new "friend". Say hello to Mr. Raccoon Friend. 

He climbed the tree for a 3 hour nap then retreated to under our deck! Great! 

Jan 27th Best Buddies

Colby and Nate Nate are the best of friends! Can you tell :) They are PARTNERS IN CRIME! Just look at those faces you KNOW they are up to no good :)