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Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 4 Photopass Pics

Mk/Hollywood Studios/Sci Fi

For some reason all of Nate's camera pics come out out of order...
This is from Nate's 1st ride on Tower of Terror!

We started the day bright and early in the Magic Kingdom, where H and Uncle Fun got hair cuts and Devynn got her hair colored purple. (Let me just say we LOVE LOVE LOVE the barber shop! They are so wonderful. I have even more love for them after today's trip there! )

After a quick trip on Monorail Red we were headed to the TTC and a bus to Hollywood Studios.
Our 1st stop was a ride on Tower of Terror followed by a few backstage tours on Rock and Roller Coaster.

Next up...lunch at Sci Fi. This was our very 1st time here.( I know can you believe that after my 20+ trips to Disney there are things we have never done, LOL)
We all really enjoyed our lunch. The boys loved watching the movies.

We headed straight to Nate's 1st ride on Star Tours. (Ok maybe not a smart move after eating, blah) He really liked the ride!

Then it was a spin on Toy Story Mania! We all love this ride.
It was starting to drizzle a little to we headed over to the Anamation Studio to see some characters and to take a drawing class.

NEVER I repeat NEVER call the Queen a witch! Trust me! Don't do it!

The boys were pretty beat after the drawing class so we headed to the boat dock to catch a boat to the hotel. The boys were asleep before we were even out of the gates. After a quick nap we went for a swim before heading into the down pour at Epcot for some dinner.