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Monday, July 28, 2008

Lake House

We had a blast Saturday at John's co-workers lake house. Nate was really looking forward to getting on the jetski again. That is all he talked about for weeks. I think we were there for 20 minutes before he begged for his 1st ride! 

Then it was the little man's turn. He looked so cute in his huge life vest. :)

He too had a blast! John was zooming around the lake with him and he was loving it!

Nathan did a lot of fishing and a lot of floating in the lake. 

Colby loved his new crab float. (So did the other boys :)

Nathan went "fishing" for the 1st time. We forgot to bring the bobbers and a they fished with the weighted practice fish. They didn't care!

Thanks again Rob for another great day at the lake house! We can't wait for next year!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Colby started clicking today (using his tongue to click the roof of his mouth) It was so cute. Nathan was doing it while we were in the car and Colby started copying.  


I think we may have created a monster! I have been giving Colby ice cream here and there for a few weeks now. (just vanilla and he seems to have no issues with it) I have also let him have some vanilla shakes. Well today we went to Johnny Rockets and I ordered a vanilla shake with his kids meal with the intention of drinking it myself. But Colby thought differently. He usually drinks off the bottom of my straw. But not today. He took the whole cup and drank it from a straw like a big boy! And LOVED it! We are in big trouble.

Really is Nate only 2

Some days I am not sure if I have a 2 year old or a 5 year old. He never stops amazing us. This morning Colby and I slept in. When we got up I went downstairs to see Nate. He had gotten up the past 2 mornings to help John in the garage. ( John just totally redid the garage. He sealed the floor, painted the entire garage and is now setting it all up to maximize the space! It is looking great.) Nathan has really been a help. He sorted all John's nuts, bolts, screws and nails all into little drawers for him. He has been going through his toys to see what he can give to little boys and girls that need them more than him.  

The way he speaks to us lately amazes me too! He just comes out with these things and floors us! He is just too much for words.  Like today in the car, Nate was playing with his bear that my mom got him when we went to Virginia shopping went he was a few months old. She recorded herself saying "Hi Buddy, this is Grammy always remember I love you" in it. Well since then she decided she wanted to be called "Mimi". He told her that she recorded that when she was "dressed as Grammy" and then he showed her what she was "wearing". He took her glasses and put them on the tip of her nose. He told her that is what she does when she pretends she is "grammy" LOL! 

9 month pictures

Saturday we did a photo shoot for Colby's 9 month pictures. My mom's former professor is trying to start in the photography business. She offered to take some pictures for us. We had such a great time!! We went to Van Saun Park. The boys loved it even though we were all melting it the heat. Trina just sent us a preview of the pictures and all I can say is.... WE LOVE IT! I will post some pictures as soon as we get them ;)

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Colby started really clapping! Yay! He won't clap when asked..just does it a random. LOL. He claps the same way Nate did when he started. One hand stays stationary and the other moves. 

Friday, July 18, 2008

Peek A Boo Video


I had to watch the boys fur-cousin for a few days this week. Since she loves to ATTACK Colby soo much I barely got any pictures of her. 
Here she is with one of the 10 or so toys she has stolen from the boys already. 
Nathan really loved having her here! He did a great job helping to keep her happy. He LOVES walking her and she listens to him when he does. Now if only she would stop attacking Colby, eating John's toes and chewing my hands we would be good! 

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yes, I want some Sweet Tea!

John promised Nathan this morning that he would take Nate to Rita's after dinner for some sweet tea ice. Nathan was so excited. 
We ran to Target beforehand. I was talking to Nate about Rita's. I turned to Colby who was sitting in the cart, and asked him if he wanted ice cream...his answer..."Yes". He totally said it. And would continue to say it when asked. Its soo cute. Its a drawn out "Yesssssss".

Nate LOVED the sweet tea ice. I tried the key lime ice. Anyone who knows me knows that I love anything lime. This though was GROSS!!! I really don't like anything at Rita's. I find it very odd that their custard is warm but cold at the same time. The ice is nasty, too! 

I am going to stick to Dairy Queen (ours better get the thin mint in soon or I am going to cry) or Curley's. 

No morning nap

This is what happens when Colby skips his morning nap.  (Actually he has NEVER fallen asleep in the high chair before. Usually he just falls asleep before lunch) 

Peek A Boo

Colby is playing peek a boo...all by himself now! He was sitting in his high chair this morning pulling his shirt over his eyes. He kept making noises to get our attention! :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Photos

Colby Update

Colby is done with his binky. I was going to take it away at 9 months like I did with Nate. But he beat me to it. The last time he took the binky was in Sesame Place. So its been a few weeks.  He was barely using it anyway.  And we were down to 2 from 6 so I guess it was a blessing . He ONLY took the binky from the hospital. I only came home with six and we had lost a few along the way. 

He is also standing all the time now. He pulls himself up on gates, toys, kids...whatever he can grab on to! He is also walking along the couch and with some toys. The race is on to see if he walks earlier than Nate LOL! 

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nathan News

I feel like I am leaving out Nate again. So here are some updates on him.
He is now 36 inches! Yay which means he can go on "big boy" rides now!! He will get on any and every ride that he can. Doesn't always like them...but doesn't complain either. 
His eating is continuing to improve! He is still tasting things...not always eating them. But its still a big step for him! 
He LOVES iced tea! (Thanks John!) If he sees John making himself a glass, he is right there waiting for the minute he can grab it! 
"Banilla" (vanilla) is his new ice cream favorite! He now points out all Dairy Queens (thanks Mimi) and all Starbuck (Aunt Shell's favorite). 
His favorite things right now are anything Disney (he is counting down to Nov for our trip and is also talking nonstop about Disneyland next year). He LOVES Scooby Doo! (Theme for this years party). Playhouse Disney and Nogin are his go to shows. 
He is extremely good at doing puzzles (takes after Mommy :) He can now do most all by himself and only needs little help with 100 piece puzzles. 
He is really looking forward to "Six Flags" New England in a few weeks. And is very excited that we are taking "Ding Dong" (Cami) with us. 
He is going to be starting dance lessons in Sept. (His request) And is already talking about dancing on stage for the recital! 
He LOVES to sing. Anything and everything! Esp High School Musical songs, Jonas Brothers, and anything Disney.
He is getting really good as some games on Wii! And he loves doing Wii Fit with me! I made him his own balance board. He stands next to me while I do the activities. He also has to have his turn on some of the games. 

Colby did it again

Hopefully there is no oops here! He slept from 9-6!! He only woke up once for a few minutes and then put himself back to sleep! Keep those fingers crossed that this continues!!

More new words

Nite nite (said Saturday night at the hotel in Sesame Place)
Oatmeal- "O meal"
Please " Pzzzzz"

4th tooth

Colby cut his 4th tooth overnight. Yay.  I would post a pic but you can still barely see tooth number 3. His teeth are taking forever to grow in :( But he doesn't seem to care.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


  Colby has started giving kisses on demand. Its so cute! He now not only kisses himself whenever he sees his reflection. But will try and tackle anyone he can to plant one on them :) 


Colby slept from 9-715 last night!! YAY!!! He usually goes down between 9 and 10 and then is up at 1 or 430 or sometimes both. But last night he woke up 3 times but within minutes he put himself back to sleep! Now if only I could sleep through the night and stop checking on the boys we would all be good :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July Weekend

We started off the long weekend with a BBQ at our house! Pizzas on the grill YUM!!!

Colby wanted to make sure Nana was holding on to him tight while telling everyone he is almost 1 ! LOL Check out the foot in the pocket. 
We set up the pool early in the am thinking it would be warm for the kids in the afternoon. So wrong! It was freezing but that didn't stop them!

Uncle Fun and Nathan were being super heroes again!
Colby stole Uncle Fun's hat and had a blast in the ball pit!
Saturday we hung home for most of the day. Since we were up with Nate during the night because of a bad asthma attack :( Then we went to Palisades for dinner. 

Sunday we went to Auntie and Unkie's to celebrate the July b-days! The boys had a blast looking for fish and playing on the swings at the lake! 
(lauren pls send me your pics from the weekend!)