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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Crawl Colby Crawl

There is no stopping Colby now! He is off !! :) YAY! 

Monday, April 28, 2008


Just got word a little while ago from the Orioles that Nate was not in the top 3 :( 

But we are sooo proud of him for making it to top 10! We are still going to the game to see who won! 

(Don't understand how anyone could have possibly gotten more votes than Nate! Everyone we know must have voted or gotten him over 600 votes each! LOL)

April 27th

No trip to Florida by car would be complete without a stop at South of The Border and a ride in Pedro's Hat! 

After our little stop we had some lunch on the go and then another quick stop at Dairy Queen for a traditional Dairy Queen cone! Then it was back in the car for the LONG ride home. We arrived in our driveway at 2:15 am! And of course Colby was WIDE awake! I think I got 2 hours sleep! Tomorrow is going to be a long day! 

Sad vacation is over but we had a blast and it will make Oct come even quicker looking back on the fun!

April 26th

Our last day in Disney :( We started out our day at Disney Hollywood Studios where we had breakfast with the Playhouse Disney pals!

Colby thought he was being sneaky when he stole my Mickey waffle off my plate! But Daddy caught him :)

After a quick stop over at Epcot for Visa Cardmember Pictures we were off to Magic Kingdom for our last few hours. 

We caught our last parade and then it was off for some ice cream and rides! 

After our last ride on Pirates (Nate's choice..he had to sing "Yo Ho Yo Ho a Pirate's Life For Me" one last time! ) we headed back to our Hotel for dinner and our LONG journey home!

April 25th

We took a little break from Disney for a few hours. (Only because we have season passes to Sesame Place and it was free for us to go...didn't have to pay for entrance, parking and got 10% off anything in the park! YAY!)

Nathan thought this was the coolest thing choose a diver, who then dives down and picks a few oysters for you to choose from. You then bring the oyster to the shucker who opens it ! Nathan loved it so much he did it 3 times!

No trip would be complete without a Shamu (or Shampoo according to Nathan) ice cream!
Then Daddy and Nathan fed the sharks!

And then they were off on a Flamingo paddle boat ride!

We got to take a picture with a Clydesdale!
My ALWAYS! happy baby!

We found a water play area in Shamu's Happy Harbor! The boys had a blast!

Then it was off to the rides!

Nate and Daddy fed sting rays too!

Then it was back to Disney for dinner in Epcot at Le Cellier!

When we took Nathan to Disney when he was 3 months old. We purchased a Leave a Legacy tile for him. Each trip we find it and show it to him.
He is second row from the bottom 5 across! (Colby's tile was not up yet..hopefully in Oct!)